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Welcome to British Heritage Travel’s inaugural branded adventures in Britain. We are delighted to partner with Albion Journeys to craft just the sort of travel experience British Heritage Travel readers know and love – in company with like-minded BHT readers. You will be joined for a part of both journeys by Sandra Lawrence, our popular London columnist (and noted aficionado of Regency life and Jane Austen). Travel in Great Britain always creates a kaleidoscope of memories, and these lovely itineraries on themes near and dear to British Heritage Travel reader hearts, I’m confident you will never forget.

Book your trip by October 1st with code BHINTRO2017 to receive $100 off your tour.

To find out more call 1-866-834-8358 (9a.m. - 5p.m. ET) or click the link below.

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Dana Huntley, Ph.D.

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