Please find below a short selection of testimonials we have received from previous customers:

“My trip "Aristocrats of the North" was fabulous and beyond my expectations! I loved all the hotels particularly Middlethorpe Hotel and Hartwell House Hotel. Our Tour Director was fabulous. Renishaw was a great surprise and loved all the all estates and gardens. My friend and I just loved the whole trip. Wonderful. Don't change a thing! P.S. Saving for our next trip!” Ms Swasey, CT

“Hello there. I did indeed have a wonderful time on our Aristocrats & Manor Houses tour - I'm sure all of my Washington friends are tired of hearing about it at this point! The beauty and majesty of these properties is simply overwhelming. I am still reading through all of the publications I collected from each site, which will be enjoyed for many months to come.” Ms Hart, VA

“I absolutely loved our tour. In addition to all of the wonderful places we visited, the members of the group were all very friendly and congenial. I felt very comfortable traveling as a single which hasn’t always been the case with other tour companies.” Ms Geiger, OK

“We really enjoyed the trip. The sites were interesting and varied and the food was good. We really appreciated being in one location for a long time and not having to move from hotel to hotel too often. That made the trip a lot more pleasant. Andrew (our Tour Director) was a lot of fun and the bus driver Mervin was also a stitch and they both were very attentive to my mother's wheelchair and special needs. I filled out the survey but will just put in an extra good word for Andrew and Mervin. I am very grateful that mom included us on her journey!” Ms Pickett, MN

“An excellent tour. We appreciate having enough time in most venues.”

“This was an extremely good tour and very reasonably priced.” Mr & Mrs Wilson, CA

“I had a fantastic trip. David as the tour manager and Andy as the driver were an amazing combination. We are waiting eagerly for the big vote on Sept. 18! As a result of this trip, I feel extremely well informed on the issues surrounding the referendum.”

“The tour was absolutely wonderful! My mother, sisters, and I certainly enjoyed everything about our tour. We will highly recommend this tour to our friends. David was such a fantastic guide. His wit and knowledge were outstanding! I am still on cloud nine after last week!”

"We were delighted to see this tour in the Royal Oak materials because we had wanted to see many of them. They are difficult by public transport."

“I enjoyed our visits and tours to beautiful, historic and unique venues often with private guides. The country hotels each had a unique charm in its architecture, accommodations and setting.
They are varied and that was good, excellent, uniqueness and good surprise at each.” Mrs Taylor, PA

"The mix of properties was proactive and interesting."

"I loved being driven to places I've wanted to see but don't have the courage to drive to!" Mr & Mrs Martin, NY

“This tour was very well organised from start to finish.” Mr Moore, WY